September 13, 2015 an ambulance was called to 28 Highveiw Road in Barrie, Ontario to take me into the emergency room after fainting head first through a glass pocket bathroom door head first.
I received a massive gash across my chin, a small one above my left eye, as well as a small mark on my right cheek.
During my ambulance ride, and during my visit in RVH I received many scares, and inappropriate conditions.

Both paramedics proceeded to joke about inserting an IV into my left arm while all of the ambulance lights were turned off, considering I was still very much in shock, and completely alone this was very inconsiderate, and unprofessional on both of their accounts.
Upon arriving to the hospital, I was told by the female paramedic that I would be left with my nerve damaging, and bleeding wound for upto 9 hours before receiving any type of care from a doctor, which also was very unprofessional considering a mass amount of facial tissue would have been forever destroyed as it would have began to die before being stitched.

As I waited, and was comforted by my friends and partner who met me at the hospital after a 30 minute sit in the driveway waiting for the ambulance to leave.
Many station nurses, and the female paramedic began making inappropriate jokes about the bond I share with my partner as he was very comforting.
Comparing an injured patient to depressing romance movies where one or the other dies is EXTREMELY inappropriate., unprofessional, and immature.

Once I was finally through triage, and into the waiting room, my partner became very agitated as he watched me slip in, and out of consciousness as I sat there in my wheel chair bleeding after the female paramedic re-opened my facial wound by removing the gauze wrap to show other staff members, although they would not be treating me in any form other than with disrespect.
I was brought into room 6, where there was open “sanitary” packages from the previous patient, a box cutter knife, and trash in the garbage which has all been photographed, and saved, and was left in my wheelchair.

The lace neck lining of my shirt was littered with small shards of glass, but I was forced to lay in it all anyways when my friends had clearly asked that it be removed before laying me down as they did not want anymore glass in my skin, and my lips were sealed shut with dried blood, still barely conscious, I was told to remove myself from my wheelchair after fainting, and blood loss adding to my dizziness, and lay on the hospital bed without any assistance.
I managed this, but it was not easy, and the small shards of glass still in my shirt – I was also not comfortable.

The doctor (also female) who asked me to remove myself from the chair, also began to yell at me because my frantic partner was begging the nurses, and doctors to come check on me as I faded into my wheelchair, and she disagreed with his tone.
Unable to speak properly, and while weak, and in shock – this is also not appropriate. It’s abusive.

I received a thorough cleaning of the main wound, and finally got my stitches which finally enabled me to speak, as well as received a Tetnis shot before being discharged.

Upon discharge, I left the hospital with many shards of glass still inside my face, above my right eye and right side of my top lip. Glass shards still remain in those places to this date as I was unable to pull them all out myself, or have my partner pull them out.
Having these glass pieces in my face is very comfortable, and hindering my healing process every time my two year old accidentally hits one of these areas too hard.

I still have no answers as to why I fainted, and so extremely damaged my face that I have to live with a four inch scar across my chin for life, and have suffered many more spells since the injury which has caused me to walk away from my modeling career I was JUST starting up
Not one “medical professional” once attempted to find out the cause of the incident, and more so blamed me than helped me. I was sent home confused, and answer-less, just as I am today knowing that I have been fainting like this my entire life, and not one doctor in 20 years in that hospital can take the time to find the cause.
I am very healthy, and do not need to “change my diet” as the nurse at my previous visit suggested before proceeding to tell me that being a single mother of a two year old, suffering fainting spells was not an emergency in their eyes.

I will never return to that hospital. My child will never receive health care in the hospital she was born in (which was also a terrible experience, considering the doctor used his HANDS, not an surgical tools to give me an episiotomy.)

This hospital should be shut down. I know I am not the only patient to receive awful medical care, or negligence from the “professionals” paid to help me, and others.

We are humans, too. Not just a pay cheque. It’s time someone in that facility started to treat Barrie’s citizens like we actually matter.