I go in for checkup for Endoscopy at Brampton Civic Hospital….
At checkin station – while verifying information nurse asks me – “you are here for colonoscopy?”
I said – No I am here for endoscopy?
She says OK and then she prepares the paperwork…
I go to the room where I have to change in hospital gown…
So this AMAZING guy – verified with me “Am i here for colonoscopy??” – I said NO – I have gas problem so I am here for Gastroscopy….
He took me out to nursing station to verify and then the other nurse at counter … verified and said NO worries we will change it for you!!!!

So then it was changed to Gastro from Colono!!!!

I went in and THANKED THIS GENTLEMAN – who has probably had no professional medical qualification but asking simple questions and he saved my ASS 🙂

Hope the nurses do better job while screening the patients…