I am writing this on behalf of Kelly Moneta Burgess who is admitted to Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto. DOB – July 19, 1968. Her husband Andrew Burgess is copied on this email.

On Saturday night Kelly came in via ambulance with a severely fractured ankle and they have been telling her for over 48 hours that she is going into surgery and then all of a sudden they cut off all information. She has only been able to intake ice chips. This is extremely frustrating.

You might wonder what routes she has taken internally? Multiple requests by Floor Nurses on 12 to no avail. Multiple misrepresentations by physicians and residents that she is going in for surgery and then all of a sudden she is not going in. Complaint letter filed with Patient Relations (multiple locations in the hospital mistakenly list a third floor office #348 that does not even exist). That office was not open today when we visited. It said hours were 9 am to 4 pm but door was always locked. Submitted paperwork AND made calls to no avail.

No return calls. No way to exercise Patient Rights. Now she has to be changed rooms since she has been in there so long.

This patient needs a surgery and they have to stop these mental/emotional games. This is inhumane. We need help.

I am in Toronto with Kelly at the hospital.

Sheri L. Mooney, Esq.

Attorney at Law

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