I took my daughter to the hospital because it was apparant that she was suffering from strepe throat. When we arrived we took a number and had a seat. I could hear the triage nure coughing and blowing her nose. I was wondering why she came to wrk. When epope that came in much latter then us were called first I asked her why. She said that is how things were done there. It appeared to me that a sprained finger was not as important a strepe throt since it is contagious. I asked her how long we would be ther she said a couple of hours, which is 1 or 2 if she knows the meaning of a couple. After a couple of hours my daughters name was called and we were seated in another waiting room. then we were put in a room and told to shut the door. It was quite dirty in the room and it had an odour so I left the door open. After another 30 minutes and no one came in I told my daughter I could not saty in there because the air quailty was not good and it smelled. She said lets leave and we did. I have had nothing but bad servive at this hospital. I dislocated my shoulder once and the treating dr. told me it wa caused by smoking then answered his cell phone and left the room without excusing himself. I have since had to go to a chiropractor to get my shoulder back in place. I will take the half hour drive anytime to go to Winchester Hospital where the staff and doctors are freindly concerned and the rooms are clean. That is where I am off to shortly. I do not pay taxes in cornwall to be treated so poorly by staff at a hospital. Plus the staff talk casually with each other instead of doing the job they are paid to do. This is the worst hospital I have ever been too!