I made an appointment for my brother who is visiting us with Dr Gavanini for 8 AM July 24.
The lady on the phone said $200 hospital admission fee applies for international patients and other required services will be additionally charged.
We confirmed the appointment and went to hospital from New Market and arrived at 7.30.
The reception did the paperwork and said we have to go to the cashier and pay then get the receipt and come back for the visit.
A very nice lady who did volunteer work helped us find the cashier but when we got there they said they open at 8.30 and we had appointment for 8 AM!
We waited there for half an our and when they opened the lady said hospital admission fee is $460 and not $200! and admitted it was changed since last year . We went back to the Dr’s reception and the lady who made the appointment for us after some calls and discussing the case with Dr. Gavannini said she did not know about the rate change plus we have to pay $600 at Dr’s reception office for the Doctor’s visit.
We cancelled the appointment right there because we did not have that much cash and were not prepared for it.

My question and concern is who is to be blamed for this? And can anything be done to prevent wasting patients time and getting more frustration rather than being treated?