I don’t make a habit of complaining about things online, but this needs to be said. I had been bitten buy a cat. Waited 48hrs. Swelling continued, so we went to Hagersville hospital (Tuesday July 21 2015 Emergency Room) to get it looked at. Arrived 6:50pm Got a Tetnus shot and a prescription. Talked to on duty doctor (Mary Randazzo) for less than 5 min’s. Left at 10:50pm. During that time I got to listen to the staff gossip about their personal lives. And the on duty Doctor giving a lecture to the nursing staff about minimum patient quota per day. Talked to a woman who’s husband waited 4 hrs to have something removed from his eye (took 5 min’s) and a little 2 year old waited 4 hrs with a mother to have her broken arm put in a cast before that. THIS HOSPITAL IS ON A 4 HOUR PATIENT TURN-AROUND. NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF DAY OR HOW BUSY IT IS. “YOU ARE NOTHING BUT A PAWN IN THEIR PATHETIC WORK TO RULE GAME”. If you want to truly understand what the term “Dog-Fu**ing” means, I urge you to visit the Hagersville Emergency room and watch the staff in action. They don’t care about you, how you feel or their quality of service.. And the floors were filthy. This is not a simple rant… I would love to make an official complaint to someone with the authority to rectify this insulting patient process. I will never visit this Emergency Room again.