Mother delivered baby Sunday, July 12. Baby developed rapid breathing that had been detected earlier on Monday, but not addressed until late Monday night. The infant was transferred to the MICU. On Tuesday afternoon, at approximately 4 p.m. The newborn infant was transferred from NICU at MacMaster to St. Joseph’s Hospital without parents knowledge. Informs mother by telephone that her child has been moved and she needs to leave immediately because she has been discharged. Mother had to move all her things to the front lobby, by herself, to wait for her ride. A new mother who had been monitored for low blood pressure was thrown not one but two curve balls in a matter of minutes. The safety of this patient was jeopardized by her long walk to the front lobby, carrying all her personal items and the staffs inability to handle the situation in an appropriate professional manner.

Hospital staff were uncooperative in reporting the health of the infant. Lactating specialist, Nancy, was rude and force fed infant with a spoon. She stressed mother and infant for 2 hours because infant was not cooperating with the attempts to “latch” on properly. She repeatedly pulled the infant from Mom’s breast because he wasn’t nursing properly. Is beast feeding a task or is it suppose to be a bonding time for mom and baby? Obviously, this women does not have the patience to teach a first time mom!

I have a media employee who is very interested I this story. Do I have to go that way to get this matter addressed?