On Friday, July 10th I was admitted to the emergency room at 12:50am. I told the triage nurse I was experiencing symptoms of a Urinary Tract Infection, but had concerns that I might also be having a reaction to another medication I was having. I was not asked to do a urine test. At 4:30am I used the phone in the waiting room to call back and ask why I had not been asked to do this test while waiting like another patient had who came in after me, and was told that because the vaginal burning was “constant” they did not believe it called for a urine test. I then waited until 6:15am to be taken back to a bed (I should mention that at this point no one in the waiting room had been taken back since 2:45am), despite having told them that I was unable to sit due to intense pain. I then had to BEG my nurse to give me a specimen cup for a urine test, and the cup sat on the desk in my room for at least 45 minutes. The same nurse then took my sample and did not send it to the lab. The first doctor to see me was Dr. VanDoormaal and – after having been told to sit in a gown for hours – he didn’t even bother to lift the sheet and LOOK at the problem area, and instead make me wait for the shift change to let Dr Bennett handle my case. (Why you have a doctor on staff who is uncomfortable with examining the female anatomy is beyond me.) Then Dr Bennett arrived at 7:15am and I was submitted to an invasive pelvic exam. He then decided – despite me having NO symptoms – that I might have bacterial vaginosis, and prescribed me an antifungal cream that I told him multiple times I could not use due to another condition. Then, because he had not been informed of my actual symptoms which included abdominal pain, he decided that they would need to run further tests. It was now 8am. I was forced to drink several glasses of water and hold my urine in (an incredibly painful process, since I DID have a UTI) for an ultrasound. It was only then as well that they decided they would need to run my urine tests, however this was difficult, since they had lost my sample that I had to beg them to take earlier. In the ultrasound they found that I had such severe gas and constipation that they could not get a clear picture of anything on my left side (which would be a clear explanation for the abdominal pain) and they chose to neither treat these issues nor redo the ultrasound to get actual results. At 10:15am Dr. Bennett informed me that my urine was clean and that I “must have cleaned myself very well because there was no contamination from the yeast infection that I clearly had.” This yeast infection was also not treated either. At 10:20am I was sent home with worse pain than when I came in and a prescription for a disease that I did not have. Then on Monday July 13th my family doctor called to inform me that my urinalysis had been returned to her office CLEARLY SHOWING SIGNS OF A URINARY TRACT INFECTION. I am just now being treated for a disease that I self diagnosed on Thursday evening. So I don’t know if I was lied to and no urine was ever tested, or if another patient’s urine was tested instead of my own. Either way every member of staff that evening made a mockery of the practice of medicine and have no business doing so going forward.