Just had a few highly unpleasant phone conversations with an emergency department personnel. My father (post stroke) just got transferred there from Shaver’s Rehab Centre as his condition has worsened. My mom lives in Niagara and I had to drive from Toronto. Called the extension my mom has been given to inquire about dad’s condition, explained the situation, gave his info, this is the answer I got: “Ur father is good, just waiting for the test results. If he is going home how would he be getting there?” I said “He is in critical condition and don’t think he will be going home”. Rude voice answered” Well, then u need to tell me these things!!!” I’m sorry, but I thought staff should know “these things” about there patients instead of just coming up with whatever they think the caller wants to hear to get them off the phone quickly. Then she tells me, once again, rudely that she isn’t a nurse and is going to transfer me to one……hangs up. I call back….another irritated voice….explained the situation to her too….she says “I’m a registered nurse and we r Not allowed to give any info over the phone….and if Ur father in such critical condition shouldnt you be here by his bed??” I’m sorry, but the second part of that sentence was completely uncalled for. Considering the fact I had to book off work in the middle of my shift and drive down to Niagara where mom was in panic….yes I should….but in real life I can’t just close my eyes, make a wish of where I’d like to be, open them and here I am!!! Bottom line, the attitude of both staff members was AWFUL ( heartless, rude and hateful). I called to ask for their employee numbers and got “For what? We don’t have those”…..I’m at a loss for words and I want to get to the bottom of this cause I believe that people with attitudes like this should be reminded of the industry they are working in ……I really hope the conversations are recoreded at this hospital….could you, please, help me with this issue? I don’t believe people going through something awful Happening to a family member should experience this kind of distress because of sheer staff incompetence. Thank you for considering this letter.