I am writing to you today on behalf of my mother-in-law who went into the hospital on March 14, 2015 after she fell at home and hit her head on the floor requiring staples.
My mother-in-law, Shirley Lachance is still in the hospital and with no signs of getting better but worse.
No one seems to know what is going on anymore, she has been moved around so much within the hospital, so many doctors saying different things, I don’t think anyone knows exactly what is going on. The current last year intern she has seems to be the best so far and is trying to help the family but his hands are tied too.
At this point in time, Shirley is suffering from dimentia which she never had before, EVER and it is being explained as issues with an infection she has in her bladder, kidneys and liver. I also know first hand that she has lost her sight too, which has never ever been a problem.
This is the best part, we have been told that Shirley has a form of blood cancer, now did I mention Juravinski is also a cancer centre but nothing has been done because apparently of the other conditions she now has they as in the many doctors she has seen can’t tell what type…are you serious..so whatever she is trying to fight ontop of everything else, what is she going to die in there???
Shirley was sent to the 5th floor of the hospital now this ward is your either die or go to a nursing home, you don’t have to be a rocked scientist to figure that one out. Shirley before she was retired was a PSW and saw many things and the stories she was telling us about that floor are unbelievbale, she is petrified to go back there and this was before the dimentia. The final straw on the 5th floor was that her lungs filled with water and my sister-in-laws were there to see this, the nurses brought in a machine to help her breathe but as Shirley was suffocating from the water in her lungs, could not breathe at all, the machine would not work because there was no paper in it, can you imagine standing there watching your mother drowning in her own fluid and had to wait for a hospital machine to have paper added, should that machine not have been serviced prior to it going back out to the floor???
I could keep going on and on but my thoughts on this complaint is that we need an intervention and someone needs to help us, help Shirley. If you can offer any information that would be great and thank you for reading.
Thank you,
Claire Lachance