To whom it may concern

It is so sad that I have to complain about a Hospital that I considered the best and cleanness hospital. I guess I was wrong I was hospitalize for 4 days for a Hip replacement I had the best doctor ever Dr. Guy Moreau is the best and most respectful and thoughtful doctor I have seen. My complain is about the room not being clean I was sick on the Monday night and floor was not clean, in washroom I missed the toilet and pied on the floor and no one came to wash the floor that is very dangerous because that is a surgical unit and it doesn’t take much for infection to set in. Also the food is the worst I ever eat the only time I eat was breakfast cereal and toast. It is sad that they are doing cut back in the wrong places because you call for a nurse and it takes between 30 – 45 minutes for them to come. It is the patience that is suffering from cut back and that should not happen because you are putting the patience health in danger. The only thing that was clean in my room was the garbage container. Hope you will look in to this because word will get around and people will be worried about going to Monfort which it took so much work to save it.