I went to the hospital on Tuesday March 10th as per my Doctor’s discretion due to pain in my lower abdomen.
At first site, the hospital was noticeably dirty, but I let that go as I was taken in right away, or that’s what I thought.

I was taken into a secondary waiting room filled with people who looked just as confused as I did. While in this waiting room, I noticed that nurses were conducting blood work in 2 designated spots – right there in the waiting room with no privacy or pre-cleaning. I was finally brought into an assessment room, only to find that they had split the room in two and I was crammed in with a family who thought it was appropriate to let their child play while eating chips. When the Doctor finally came in, I felt the need to whisper as I had this family a foot away listening to my private conversation – they even had to ask them to leave to conduct an exam on me. The Dr. Ayow said he had no idea what was wrong and suggested appendicitis and went on this huge rant about what lies ahead for me – radiation, surgery, etc. I WAS TERRIFIED!

I was then told to do a urine sample in a bathroom that someone had vomited all over the place in and then had blood work done in front of strangers. They even left the IV tube in my arm, just in case I needed medication later (basically telling me that they’re too lazy to do this again later).

I went for an ultrasound where privacy again was not an area of concern as he left the door open and some random person walked in and saw me half naked – and neither felt that this was wrong!

After waiting for 4+ hours to get the results (while having a Nurse use the Hospital phone to place her bridal flower order). I met with the same Doctor, only for him to say, “Oh, I see nothing really wrong, but here’s some pain meds and you should come back again tomorrow for another ultrasound”.

I went back for my ultrasound appointment the next day, only to have to wait around for 5 hours to get the results (which were once again inconclusive). I even remember overhearing the nurses talking about how there were no doctors on call in their wing so all of the patients were just sitting around waiting for a miracle to show up. The Nurse gave me a specialist name and number to followup with, and guess what, she gave me the WRONG number!

All in all, I wasted 2 days at this incredibly dirty hospital (like I mean, I went home and had 2 showers to feel clean again) and where privacy is NOT a concern by any means. The nurses were nasty people who just socialized and rolled their eyes at patients A LOT and the Doctors were basically non-existent or interns. I

n my opinion, this hospital should be shut down as it’s basically falling apart anyways. If you’re ever in an emergency situation, I suggest you make a trip to downtown Toronto to a REAL hospital!