I brought my son into the hospital because after months of bullying he was beaten up by 3 boys at school and his back was hurt. The physician came into the emergency room and was rude as usual. My son is at an age where he is self conscious of his weight as he is going through puberty. The doctor told him to remove his shirt so he can look at his back. My son was hesitant but the doctor told him it was okay. He removed his shirt and the doctor had him go through a range of motions. He then asked him what he weighed. They took his weight when we registered so it was written down already. He started preaching to him about watching what he eats. I told the doctor that this in not the time as he has just been bullied, called names and beaten by 3 boys. He continued and told him to STOP EATING BIG MACS. I assured him we do not eat McDonalds, all home cooked meals. He said he needs to get more active. I again asked him to stop as my son was going through a hard time and he kept over talking me. I told him he plays football and he said IT’S NOT WORKING. I then told him to stop now! This doctor was East Indian, as are most of the physicians at this hospitals (and the rude ones)so I am sure he understood what he was doing and I consider that bullying also. I could have told this man that he should have taken care of his skin better so he did not have pot marks at his age, but unlike him I am not a bully !! I will drive to Hamilton from now one. Horrible hospital.