I was at the Imaging depatment this morning February 18, 2015 for a 8:15am appointment, to have my yearly mamamogram and ultrasound.My mother has had three occurances of breast cancer and it is of high importance than I be screened regularly.
I forgot my sined requisition at my office and I live 40 minutes from Newmarket. When I got to the screening I was suprised to hear that without the requisition the would not preform the test. I called my doctors office and they faxed over the requisition. The woman at the desk “Anne”, she refused to give her last name, then said that the requisition was not signed by the doctor. She then called down to the doctors office and was told that the doctor was arriving at 11:00am and that they would send then follow up requisition and confirmed that the tests were ordered by my physician Dr. Karen Cronin. I received my mamogram and ultrasound at the office in Jabuary 2014, so I am in the system there. I had my mother on the other side of the hospital getting a cat scan and I needed to get to my business as soon as possible as this is my very busy time of year. I made the 8:15am appointment as not to disrupt my work day to much. I now have not received my much needed testing.
Lisa D’Agostino 416-873-0327