I came to the Smiths Falls Hospital at approx
1:40 on Wednesday Feb 18th 2015 with my Wife who was in extreme discomfort
after having a blood test and discovering that the white blood cells were extremely low and the creatinine levels extremely high due to likely a obstruction due to kidney stones.
and dealing with rude and impatient staff,my wife was given yet another pain med and sent home????
My wife has been under extreme pain for at least a few days,could not urinate and had not eaten for more than 3 days.
the staff had no compassion and did nothing to help
no iv to provide nutrients,no ultrasound as expected by her family Doctor?
just go home and deal with it?
How did this hospital receive a good rating? as this is not the only story of uncaring and in my opinion unprofessional treatment
i will be sure to send a complaint to my member of parliament as well as the Minister of Health and our family doctor.
After 2 plus hours they now tell me that the ultrasound tech has gone home!!!!!!
pitiful sad and incompetent bunch i will be sure to make alot of loud complaints over this sad excuse for a hospital!!!1