Feb. 2015
My daughter who is French Canadian had her daughter Jan. 22. The day before, my daughter’s water broke and she went to the hospital. They explained she could go home or stay. She went home but they never said to her she could get an infection which she did. The next morning she went in (7am). She had her daughter at 7pm but needed an emergency c section because of the infection. A few days later she left the hospital only to go back the same day because her c section was turning red and hurting a lot. They did an ultrasound and found that a piece of placenta was still in her. They operated and removed it. A few days later she was still having problems as the infection was getting worse. They did not know what to do but decided that it might be the incision still having an infected bubble in her. They would need to operate again. Just before operating, my daughter sneezed and liquid came out of her incision. They cancelled the operation and though OK it will heal now by leaving the cut open and sending her home with daily nurse care. Well after being home for a week, the nurse just left and said a new pocket of infection exists. My daughter who can hardly move due to the large open wound and is trying to nurse just broken down and cannot take it anymore. She called the hospital and they told her unless she has a fever there is nothing they will do. She has a “Pik” going directly to the heart so an IV with antibiotics can be given. She got this a few weeks ago and is probably the reason why she does not have a fever. The doctor she just spoke to Dr. Dome laughed at her when she asked her name. That doctor was all about deflecting the situation. Anyway, there were many other problems, from the nurse giving my daughter someone else’s breast milk for her daughter. It had a Chinese name on the bottle but they still managed to screw it up. The doctor who operated on her is Dr. Marleau.

This is a really BAD hospital. Stay away. Ottawa has some really good hospitals but the Montfort does not fall under the same administration as the others. If you value the safety of you family, consider another hospital.

Concerned Father and grand father, Guy Lacroix