I am not sure if I have got her name spelled correct, but that is the way it is said “RENE” or “RENEE”.( I am sure her name is on my file )—-Friday night was a terrible night for me,and at about 5:15am.( Saturday morning )after I had passed out and my wife said I had had a seizure, my wife was going to call an ambulance,and I agreed I needed help, I had been through enough and things were getting worse ( not improving )but I said just drive me down we can be there in a few minutes, probably before the ambulance gets here, so we got a large plastic pail between my legs (so I would not throw up all over her car)and went to the emergence room. We had only been there a few minutes and I threw up again ( I still had my pail between my knees ) but the triage nurse had gotten me a plastic bag which I used instead.It wasn’t very long until I was taken in. Every one was very good up to now, —-BUT RENEE comes on the scene and CHANGED ALL OF THAT IN A HURRY,she was in my room with my wife and I for very short time, maybe 3 or 4 minutes,and ask me why I was there and I explained to her that shortly after one am. I woke up feeling sickly, and had a bad case of diarea, feeling a little better I went back to bed, but it wasn’t long until it diarea again, then the throwing up started, and I had several bouts of that through the night,until about 5am. when I had the really bad one, and passed out and had what my wife said was a seizure ,I don’t remember any thing except throwing up, I didn’t know it happened ,but my wife finally got me awake again, and after a few minutes when I felt a little better I tried to get back on my feet and the calves of both legs were so sore I could barely put any weight on my feet and had a lot of trouble getting up. The only time I had ever had a pain like that was( and It was only in one leg at a time )after a bad cramp.— THIS WAS PRETTY MUCH THE END OF OUR CONVERSATION , when I told her I thought I had had cramps in both legs while I was passed out,– SHE SAID ‘ WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH THROWING UP, WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT? I said “I am just telling you what happened”. SHE said “TELL ME WHAT CRAMPS IN YOUR LEGS HAS TO DO WITH THROWING UP” ? I answered with “I don’t know but that is something that happened “. SHE TURNED AND LEFT, ( my wife was there and heard the conversation )I GUESS SHE WAS ANGRY, she never came back and NEITHER DID ANY ONE ELSE for about an HOUR and a HALF, so I went out and ask for her, at the desk and the young man their said she had gone home half at 7am ( it is now after 7:30am )I then ask him who my new nurse was and he said he was,and when I told him how long I had been there he came right in and thing started to happen, after that. ———————————————MY COMPLAINT IS I believe NURSE “RENEE” was angry about me telling her something that she thought had nothing to do with my throwing up ( but it did happen, and she ask me to tell her what all happened )and —-SHE DIDN’T PUT ME ON THE DOCTORS LIST OF PATIENTS TO SEE,so we wound up being there about 2 hrs. longer than we had to be. I was quite comfortable in the bed, BUT MY WIFE HAD NOT SLEPT ALL NIGHT,(looking after me )and SHE WAS WAITING FOR ME IN AN UNCOMFORTABLE CHAIR BESIDE THE BED.———PEOPLE LIKE HER SHOULD BE PUNISHED IN SOME WAY ( she punished us “especially my wife” and they SHOULD NOT WORK WITH PEOPLE, maybe you can find her a job in the basement or some place where she can work alone. WOULD YOU PLEASE SEND ME A REPLY THIS, and THANK YOU. Gordon Robert Serson.