Taking day off work to have C.T. scan done by Conchita. my appointment was at 11am was asked to be there at 10 for prepping. Iwas there at 9:30, 20 dollar cab fair I was in c.t. area at 10am iv drip at 10:45 -11:15amthere were a few emergency patience that had to be done before me. I understand this issue however when I asked at 11:30 what was up I was told I would be next then they took three other patience who walked in much after me, I asked again and again was told I would be next. a women came in the waiting area and Ms. Conchita told the woman to come with her to have the scan done, both the women and I said that I have been waiting much longer and to take me nurse Conchita said to both of us that her procedure is 5 mins. and mine is 15 mins so she took the lady. I was upset about this and changed into my clothes removed my i.v. and was met by security, another kick to an already distraught patient. This was a power trip move by someone who is supposed to be a lot more professional. Still wondering why Im bleeding.