This is my very brief story and opinion.(this is brief and abridged)

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in the fall of 2012.

This put me in the position now of having two life threatening diseases and one separate very debilitating diseases. I thus have access to more than my fair share of specialist medical professionals. Some I have worked with for up to 15 years. Some are at the Ottawa Hospital and some are not. Out of 5 specialists I work with regularly only one ever did anything to help me navigate the indignities I experienced. All of them agreed what happened was indignant and simply wrong and should not have happened but would do nothing.

I believe and/or understand all new cancer patients such as myself are referred to the cancer centers critical care unit. I was referred to a specific oncologist by the urologist (I believe that is significant) The appointment was very brief, less than 10 minutes. Besides being yelled at I was told “I am the doctor I will make the decisions here”. With very early stages of cancer, I now know I was eligible, medically, for all the 4/5 main types of treatments. I was offered one and not even told about others at this time

I requested for a new doctor. An appointment was set up. It was cancelled by the hospital. This happened three times with this and another doctor. I still have no idea why.

I then contacted the patient advocacy section. This waste of time was even more futile and disgustingly disgraceful than trying to ask for a different doctor.

This group with, as I know know. in collaboration with the head of the cancer center. They set me up ( a key phrase) for a second opinion.

The oncologist, the second opinion. grilled me for the first fifteen minutes about my social minority status. The second half of the consult was, him, explaining to me how, if there was a 10% probability of complications and fatality, I could easily be in that group. There was no discussion of my specific cancer, nor any mention of any treatments. Even his consult letter agrees with my comments, rather shocking really.
Again, most odd, I was diagnosed early in the cancer stages and I am young for this cancer at 56. This consultation never spoke about any treatments nor any treatment options. It was a pure, “lets see how much we could scare this person” (we want to get rid of).

The shocking part, besides not being offered available modern day treatments is the number of people involved in the entire scenario (cover up). Also how no medical professional would assist me in getting dignity or basic human treatment. I guess no doctor would ever say anything true that might offend another doctor. No old boys club at this hospital.

I requested one of my specialist within the Ottawa hospital system if he could help refer me into the critical care unit. That did happen. However, after only one appointment I was told I have now had two previous opinions and as such would not receive any more appointments or treatment.
This was dictated by the head of the cancer center. The head of the cancer center pops up with regularity through my treatment refusal, although I do not mention that in the abridged version often.

Through the entire process I was given one option, or professional opinion. It was a 1950’s medical treatment, typically used for much more advanced cancer stages. In addition of being yelled at, lied to and set up for pure ignorance.

As my home address is outside the immediate Ottawa area, it took me a year and a half, to manage to get to and through the Kingston hospital to come close to treatment, certainly not at Kingston. The Kingston Hospital told me my cancer had advanced and I was now only eligible for one type of treatment, unless I could find a study to be eligible for.

It was blatantly obvious after my first initial consult in Kingston the oncologist called his buddies on Ottawa. I won’t go into details, its lengthy.

I then researched Princess Margret Hospital in Toronto online. I emailed the head of oncology, gave him my basic medical, pertinent, information. This hospital accepted me, no questions asked, spring 2014. I was told if I had arrived there in the fall of 2012 I would have been wide open for all types of treatments. As it was now almost 2 years after my diagnosis my cancer had advanced. However, i still had treatment choices. I was given three separate options for different types of treatment. With proper medical consolation, dignity, assistance and guidance I was able to chose a treatment myself. That is what I always thought our medical system stood for with dignity.

The Ottawa Hospital did refuse to treat my cancer. I was only afforded one opinion and one option of treatment. There had to be at least 10 or more people involved in this disgraceful cover up; in establishing I would be offered one treatment only. I was given no apology for anything, The lies, the indignant behavior, nor for the fact it took me two years to get treatment.

I find most people find a story like this could not possibly happen. As people I believe we have a tendency to trust our institutions. We thus can not image in our minds a story like this being real and innocent (perhaps I’m wrong), Perhaps I must have done something to provoke it. I must have exaggerated the story. I must have lied. I must have treated the medical staff badly.Well none of that is true.

Obviously this was very very much more complicated than what I wrote. What I stated did happen. It was disgraceful. Doctors are people, they do lie. Doctors are human and do make mistakes, as we all do. Doctors and the hospitals will lie through their teeth to cover up anything they wish and no one has any power to do anything about it. The second a doctor writes his report it is gospel. No matter how much that doctor lies.

I am almost 60 years old now. I am not a angry young man. I am a professional myself. I am also a very patient and peaceful person.
I have worked a full 41 years and just retired.

R. Phillips
Ottawa, Ontario.