My mother was admitted to this hospital on Dec. 9/14 and was in Room A309 for four days. She suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease and was very confused. My sister and I spent a great deal of time with her.
Food was brought to her, but not what I had ordered on the menu. I never saw anyone offer her anything to eat or drink, it was just left to go cold.
It was obvious that my mother was in no state to feed herself, take a drink or take her medication without help. The nurses were oblivious to this. They reminded me of a bunch of robots all working on computers with not the slightest bit of compassion or care.
Since my mother could not get to the washroom on her own she was changed on the bed. The blankets where ripped from her leaving her cold and without a shred of dignity. One nurse them proceded to spray cold water on her which caused mom to cry out and kick and scream. The nurse blamed my mom for not lying still so she could clean her.
We fast tracked my mother out the door as soon as she was off the IV and got her to a Safe Place. She had a diaper rash that resembled 2nd degree burns.
I am appalled at the lack of training and understanding of dementia that this new age of nurses have. Their lack of compassion is frightening and the future for sick people is very bleak in East General Hospital.