I was forced to attend a session about gestational diabetes at this hospital. I originally completed by blood test and was told it was ok to eat before, no need for fasting. Well, that resulted in a higher reading which made me have to attend this session. The nurse was very rude and condescending when speaking to the group. She provided numbers of what your result should be 1 hour after eating your meals, and said this was based on what The Canadian Diabetes Association suggests. Low and behold, I looked it up myself on the CDA website and their numbers are different than what the hospital is suggesting. No surprise here – they’re just looking for any way to lie to pergnant women and get money for OHIP. To add to this, their hours are not convenient, meaning you need to take time off from work which they don’t seem to care about. When I asked if I can fax or email my results to them, I wass told no, since they are not set up for this. This is 2014 people!!! Why do I have to bring my results in?? 25 years ago when my mom had gestational diabetes, she was able to call or fax her results in, so why can’t this be done now?? DO NOT GO HERE!!! Choose any other hospital!!!!!!!