Just wanted to make you aware of how bad the parking situation is for cancer patients of the Tom Baker Center. This morning (Wednesday, November 5, 2014), 3016I had an 8:45 appointment. I arrived to the hospital at 8:30, and then proceeded to take 20 minutes to finally find a parking spot in the outdoor parking lot outside the Tom Baker Cancer Center. My vehicle is too high to fit into the underground parking facility, so that is not an option for me. Not only is it tiring as a cancer patient, but it also ends up affecting the efficiency of the hospital as a whole. Because of the lack of parking, we, as patients, are late for our appointments, which messes with the flow of patient care within the hospital.
Over the summer there was an attendant at the parking entrance who would direct traffic accordingly, and allowed cancer patients into the parking lot, while directing others to other parking facilities. I had been told that cancer patients were to be given priority for that parking lot. Now there is no attendant there to direct anybody, and the parking has become a gong show.

Cheryl Hillis