To whom this may concern,

my husband and i visited the high risk unit today for my ultrasound and check up. i apparently have gestational diabetes, that i pretty much have under control. today they wanted me to start taking insulin and questioned them as to why. when they tell me im doing good, the baby is excellent, im 31 1/2 weeks pregnant and only gained 7 pounds…well the nurse on duty started to get snippy with me and when she walked out of the room , we heard her talk negatively about me to someone else.then 2 med students came in, same issue. then finally when the dr came in, he spoke to me like was a moron or someone that i wasnt. i didnt appreciate how any of them spoke to me, would not answer my questions and ignore my husband when he tried to ask questions. we were there for 4 hours or more. most of the time waiting to talk to someone. after my ultrasound i dropped off my urine sample, stating that i was ready to see the dr. my appointment for 2-2:15, and finally a nurse came in around 2:30 and asked if anyone was there to see high risk unit. i said yes, that my appointment for about 2pm and she told me that i should have gotten them. i did that already when i took them my sample!!! im not impressed with how i was treated there today, i was spoke to and not listened to, to how they tried to force medication on me even after they said the baby and i were doing great. i dont appreciate being there for that duration of time when at the most it should have only been 2.5 hours. my husband took time off work to go with me, so he lost pay at work because of this. also, when i mentioned that we didnt have medical coverage and asked the cost of the insulin, the said it was expensive, the doctor said it was cheap. when i asked about the form from canadian diabetes assoc regarding some coverage, i never got one. infact, the doctor walked out and didnt answer some of our questions.
at this point, i will be asking my OB to send me to a different hospital if possible and i would like some kind of compensation to help cover my husbands lost time at work and if i could get that form to see if i could get some coverage for the insulin. also, an apology would be greatly appreciated also.

thank you for time and i look forward to a response.
thank you,
sara smeltzer