Chain of events (1am Saturday night):
-My father was exhibiting all the warning signs of a stroke as well as a high heart rate (150+)
-I told the nurse this and they moved him from the waiting room to a room where he could be examined
-They inserted an IV into his hand and took some blood samples and told me it would take about 1.5 hours for the results (pretty standard so far)
-at 3:30am I asked if there was any word (very politely) – they replied that they were still waiting for the doctor to provide diagnosis
-at 5am I saw a doctor and he said they were swamped and that I would have to wait for the next shift doctor – when you ask? At 7am
– I am not an expert and at this point we didnt know if my dad had a stroke but every single tv commercial and print ad says the same thing: “If you think you are having stroke, time is everything”
-at 7:30 am a doctor came in, and ordered a CT scan which would be completed at 10am (sunday morning)
-After the CT, they moved him to CCU to monitor and figure out why his heart rate was so high.
This story goes on and on but the level of incompetence and lack of care from the doctors and staff was absolutely baffling – like a cop watching a child get abused and not doing anything. I am still at a loss for words at how horrible this hospital is – the story actually gets worse but this post will get too long if I tell it