took my daughter there as she had injured her knee in a sport, we arrived 7pm, she was having difficulty walking and it was quite painful. we sat in triage while everyone talked, shift change…. then we were called to register, then sat down, then called to nurse, then sent back to the registration window. then asked to walk to the other waiting area in the back, sat there, uncomfortable, about 1/2 then motioned to a room, the cast room , it was dirty, paper on bed all crumpled, casting stuff all over bed and on floor, I asked for another room and we were motioned to one. just as my daughter got comfortable sitting on the bed, trying to reduce the pain in her knee, we were told to go back to the other room, it was organized as that was the room she was marked in the computer for.. so we did, and sat there, for 3 hours, not once did anyone come and see if she needed ice, or anything. the Dr finally came, asked some questions, moved the knee , and sent her for an xray, yet again a LONG walk…. after the xray and walk back, we sat again… for another 30 mins, the Dr came in and said, xray showed no breaks we will splint it, and use crutches and follow up with family DR. I asked about tendon or other damage as the pain was alot, she said the family Dr will take care of that.. she left, sent in a nurse who told me if I had crutches to use them or borrow them and if I had any braces at home to use that. we did not, so I had to pay 101.00 dollars, and the brace she put on forced my daughters knee straight which hurt so much and was put on wrong and sloppy. she was told to ice it and tylenol would be your best friend for the next week or so… see ya… my daughter has had breaks and tendon tears before and we had always been sent to a orthorpic surgeon for a follow up, but that was at Mcmaster, when she was a teen. Here it was like we were wasting their time.. so frustrating.. and she cannot put any weight on it with this splint on, as it hurts to be straight. very poor medical system….