For years and years this hospital has been my go to place ( I live on Quebec side) when sick. I was born and raised in ottawa and everyone else in my family , also born there. People are generally friendly, service is usually faster then most places. Friends and family working in the health care system and myself indirectly know that if your a quebec resident, the treatments aren’t the same. I was recently in the ER at Montfort, twice. First time my right side near ribs hurt badly ( I have a gallbladder issue already) and also recovering from a stomach problem. The ER doctors are good, except I believe they don’t take the time to listen to me as a patient, either because I’m from quebec side or they are short on hands, I don’t know. I told them I believed my gallbladder was giving me issues, which they didn’t address at all, my stomach was palped by the ER doc..asked me I how I felt and sent home. All my diagnostic tests are done there, even my gallbladder which has a problem with it, they never bothered. I was back in the ER a week later, same side pain, major nausea, still having stomach problems. More blood,urine test, a quick fly by Ultrasound by doctor punching out the clock before he left, took 40 sec top, no stones on liver. I got nothing for nausea, not much said for pain meds either, but found I had a urine infection. I was prescribed antibiotics and other thing by new doctor on the clock who was nice but when asked about checking my gallbladder ( hida scan) I was told they are short on isotopes, so nothing else was done , which is sad!
I love this hospital, maybe I’m sentimental…many things of my life that was good and bad has been at this place. It is so very sad that health care and good ones are hard to find but Montfort has truly disappointed me this time not only as a quebec patient but a Canadian. Someone needs to go over protocols in the ER, I’m sorry my province doesn’t pay you enough but I’m still a human being who should get acceptable care and be taken seriously.