I.m a dialysis patient until recently at the general hospital in cornwall. The nursing staff is lazy, they falsify records and the head nurse schedules breaks when patients are done their 4 hr treatment. They make the most elderly patients who cannot talk for themselves wait up to a half hr. for an available nurse because they are on break. The doctors suspend you from the transplant list first time you are on anti-biotics and then forget to inform the transplant team you are no longer taking that medication. I was on anti-biotics for 5 days and they left me off the transplant list for 2 months. Each time i complained I was threatened to be transfered to Ottawa an hour and a half away from my home. The last time I complained they called the police and had a security guard watch me so other patient could.nt talk to me. They made good with their threats by transfering me to the civic hospital as a punishement and said that if i.m good I may go back after the summer.
Anyone from the ottawa region should go to kingston and as far away from these people as possible.

As for patient advocate at the civic and most likely any hospital in the ottawa system, they are not their to help the patients. When I met with her, I was under the impression that they advocated in favor of the patient but don.t let the name fool you, they are their to protect the doctors and hospital not the patient. I pointed out that the tommy douglas act as well as the Ontario heath act prohibits coersion or reprisals for complaints. She would not bring it up nor file a complaint on my behalf.