This is a followup to the unaccountability of the above hospitals. Gang Stalking is not recognized by the law enforcement. To reduce expensive investigative research that would be necessary to uncover the source of TI Targeted Individuals the police force prefer to pass the issue to a medical issue. Therefor Gang stalked individuals get misdiagnosed as a medical issue because the police did not see anyone intimidating you.

Discredit of an individual is the result with this phenomena.

Technicians would likely be the first person to be able to identify the environmental toxic situation of exposure to RF technology( this is not limited to radiation, hydro SMART meters, wifi, etc.) Hence an over exposure to a brain scan, can bruise/feel the pain associated with this medical intrusion.

How many other victims allowed themselves to be intimidated in the medical professional services to be medicated to be dumbed down to mask a non medical issue?? There is not one cured person from the psychiatric field who took the debilitating medication. This is unacceptable. Again to get paid the medical field need patients on their file. So, no incentive to actually aid them. Seriously. Cowardly Dr. Morocco Dr Momi