On Monday April 21 my husband was admitted to East York Emergency at about 1:43 pm with an open wound on his head due to a fall injury. I have to mention that EMS was involved and my husband was taken to the hospital by ambulance. He was waiting for more than one hour to be registered by the triage nurse. My husband was waiting in the waiting room from 1:43 pm to 7:45 pm then we were called to Yellow department where we had to wait for an additional 1 hour when finally he was seen by a doctor. He had an open cut on his head and for most of the time his wound was bleeding. I understand that emergency department was busy but it is unacceptable for someone like my husband who was bleeding to be waiting for so long. I approached the triage nurses and I they kept repeating that they are busy and then I approached this registration nurse who was very unprofessional and had inappropriate conversations with police officers who were accompanying some other patients. She told me this is not a walking clinic and it is not first come first serve and we have to wait until we get called. She seemed very careless and totally unprofessional. My husband was in severe pain to the point that he asked me to call back for an ambulance so we can go to another hospital. My experience going to east York in couple of occasions was horrible where I found some of the nurses rude and careless. Unless is not an emergency I prefer going to St.Michael Hospital in downtown where it’s medical team seems more concern with patients and their medical needs.