After making comments to others about sleep related “hypnogia” symptoms I was admitted against my will for several weeks to the hospital, told I had schizophrenia and forced under guard to take injections. Obviously the treatment given did nothing to remedy the symptoms of hypnogogic hallucinations when half asleep.

The british Columbia and Canadian health care systems is littered with incompetence. The staff and policies used to violate peoples are outrageous. Any moron can tell the difference between schizophrenia and such sleep related issues. It gets to the point where one has to wonder if the moron staff of such facilities are false diagnosing and violating others to give themselves a paycheck. After a second visit against my will after a phone call I found allt he same patients from the first visit all rounded up as if they arrange select citizens to be detained just for employment.

Once you start to deal with the Canadian health care authorities you suddenly comprehend why rapist, murderers and pedophiles exist. They share the same mind set and patterns of behaviour as Canadian health care employees. Deluding selves into thinking their an asset to reality and violating. The treatment received in british Columbia and Canada is kin to the Stephen king movie Mysery.