I am kindly awaiting to receive my receipt in payment via cheque mailed to Brampton Civic Hospital at the required address/department/name provided on my mail received requesting payment.

This payment was made early this year. This call to 911 was lift and death situation for my daughter. I was surprised that I was bill for the ambulance ride to hospital, the attendants had to keep her stable with meds etc until reach the hospital.

I was told that by person who I need to contact to make payment that I need to pay first before submitting a receipt, there was no option to go directly to the hospital to pay and was ok to mail the cheque.

I left voice mail requesting my receipt and currently still awaiting.

I was told that if life/death situation I do not have to pay, yet I still received a invoice requesting payment. If my daughter needs was life and death for ambulance and still had to made payment. Would it be the same if she did not survive that I had to pay for the ambulance.
She is seen by a heart specialist after this incident.

My cheque was cashed and no receipt received

Sheeren Hamid
54 Cutters Cres, Brampton L6Y 4J9
Patient(daughter) Selina Persaud