My father was taken by ambulance on Tues Mar 11 14 at aprrox 4:30pm. in renial failure and possible pneumonia/ water on the lungs and possible broken ribs from a fall either that day he is also a cardiac patient with an ICD. He was put in a line of strechers with about 6 other geriatric patients also brought in by ambulance. We waited until almost 9 pm until he was seen.
Not once during all those hours did a nurse come by to assess any of these patients. My dad was lucky to have me to get him a bed pan and take care of him. all the other seniors where without Companionship and totally ignored. When he did finally see a doctor he got an EKG and blood work fairly quickly and taken to xray. After almost 2 hours he had not been brought back from xray. The doctor kept asking me where my father was. Finally i took it upon myself to go the xray to try to find him. The xray personnel told me he had finished with them over one hour ago and he had been taken away. She got on the computer and told me where he had been taken too. I finally found him and sat with him for hours again until finally the doctor found us and reported his findings. They decided to keep by dad over night (they ended up keeping him in ER overnight) and the next day the Geriatrics team called me to say he could be released. We made arrangments for him to return home at a cost of $200 for transportation as he was unable to get in my car to come home. The nurses kept asking the same questions of me while he was in the ER, the are forgetful, unorangized and really could use some extra training. Not sure if its the quality of nurses or the volume of patients but the quality of care is so bad there, i have never seen anything like it. I have learned a lesson myself. I will never take anyone I love to Brampton Civic hospital again. If you can please take your loved ones to Orangeville Hospital the care is amazing, the nurses and doctors are fabulous STAY AWAY FROM BRAMPTON CIVIC!!