On April/2012,at approx. 9,30 pm i was having chronic chest pains, i called 911 and within 7 minuets they arrived and rushed me to South Lake Hospital/Health center

Upon my arrival i was placed in the corridor of the emergency and left there for hours before anyone came to see me, finally after 2-3 hours nurse arrived and took all the information and placed me on IV, and left in corridor, at approx. 2 am the pain became extremely chronic, i begged for help to see a doctor, i was told he will be with you shortly, 5 hours in waiting

she administered morphine which did nothing, one later i started to prepare myself for death

as the pain was crucial, i begged again and she again administered month, 7 hours no doctor, pain crucial, at 627 intern arrived with wrong chart, wrong patient, 8 hours no medical attention………IN THE MEANTIME I SUFFERED A HEART ATTACK, at 7;35 am morning shift stared doctor arrived and said why arrant you in emergency and was rushed for operation

Since then i have tried to recruit lawyers and of 10, 9 said that they dont sue hospitals one wants 20,000 upfront, who has 20,000 available