One year ago after having ‘knee replacment’ surgery at 8 am which finished at 10 am, I was not brought out of the anesthestic until 6 pm that evening and then by my friend, not a staff member. As with all surgeries, a patient is in recovery and awakened from this induced coma which can have fatal consequences. How could the staff or doctors allow this to happen or was there a reason.

The following months I had severe memory loss of words I should have known. Gradually, my memory has improved but it has left a very negative feeling towards this hospital. During my stay, I was not treated well by staff and never saw a doctor although the nurse tried to convince me a doctor came to see me 6 times and I was always asleep. We all know doctors would never think of making 6 trips to a patients room allowing them to sleep. I found the hospital dirty and staff unprofessional, especially in emergency where it is difficult to separate staff from visitor. After remaining on a gurney all night I asked a staff member for a coffee and told to get one at Tim HOrton’s, a long way for anyone recovering from knee surgery.

I filed a complaint and waited months before inquiring about the status of my complaint. I was told the person in charge was no longer at the hospital.

The people of Ontario should demand better quality and care from their hospitals; unfortunately, most Canadians will not speak voice their opinions. I will not go back to that hospital.