It was normal and given pitocin for two days for getting pain.
(C section would be better than this it was fully cut and i am not able to sit for feeding at all)
My baby has got a kind of fits for 3 days and no doctor has come to see my baby after my delivery(very bad on you and worst service)
Third day we come to know when we went to vaccination and we admitted in KMC.
We come to know some injuries happened during delivery and baby dint cry when born.
Now we found the right side brain is 40 % damaged and we took MRI for the baby.
Report is now scarring which says chronic infract with encephalomalctic changed in tempero parertal and occipetal lobes with gliosis and hemosertin along gyri.
My baby s future is now fully a question mark because of this.
We are giving treatment for my baby daily costing high, we cant afford becoz of the delivery which was not done properly.