To whom it may concern,

I took my son to his pediatrician Wednesday January 29th, as he was refusing food and drink. She said he had a cold and prescribed an anti biotic, and when I asked if he just had a cold she stated something about his fever being elevated and this would help. We left the office and went home my son still refused food and drink and kept vomiting including his medication. Later that evening his breathing was labored and he was very wheezy and had been non stop whining, I was still very concerned and we proceeded to the sarnia emergency room at 10pm we were not seen until after 12 at which point the Dr checked his ears and sent him for a chest x ray. Almost an hour later he came back and said he had a few spots on his lungs and that they were just from the common cold, to not worry with the prescribed anti biotic and give him Tylenol at which time we were sent home. I received a call this morning Friday January 31St, at which time I was notified that they had just read his x ray and he had pneumonia and was being prescribed a new anti biotic. This had incredibly upset me as my son was a 2 month premature baby who spent 5 weeks in London NICU and therefore has a lesser immune system. The Dr working Wednesday evening name is Dirk I cannot recall his last name, but regardless I am incredibly upset and would like to know if there is anything that can or will be done in this situation?

Thank you for your time,


Concerned upset mother Crystal