My question is how can I be apprehended under wrong accusation and wrong name
My question is how can Child Services have all the rights to violate human and children’s rights?
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My name is Marc and I was born on the Feb 10th 1997 in Germany and I am a German Nationality. I am living in Canada since 2007 with my family. I was born as a premature baby with 1000 grams in the 24th week and was incubated for 4 months and received Oxygen for about 26 th days. I was incubated for 4 months and suffered under countless pneumonia and brady cardia . My parents never gave up on me and I survived year by year though I experienced many many near death due to my weak lungs. When I was about 7 years old I was diagnosed again with Broncho Pulmonary Dysplacia with less than 20 % of lungs functioning .I was ordered to have O2 machine and I received O2 at home and wherever I travelled and I was recommended to be homeschooled by the Lungs Specialist and my parents homeschooled me but homeschooling was forbidden in Germany so I was brought here . My parents gave up everything we had in Germany to make things possible for me and started a new life here and I was homeschooled from there on legally in Canada. The weather is cold here and I felt much better to breathe and needed no more Oxygen machine but we were Refugees Claimants and did not have proper health care but my parents tried to get me several doctors . My dad even drove me to high river and consulted many other doctors. I travelled often with my parents to be examined by Doctors but everyone refused to examine me. My parents tried their best to keep me healthy by giving me everything I needed. Clean home, love, fresh and varieties of food.I was a tiny baby when I was born, no one believed that I would survive but my parents did and I survived and I grew taller and taller and also gained some weight though I was always slim . I had an assessment at the North Caroline School in USA and I was suggested to start with 8th grade in the age of 9 years . I was enrolled at the Alberta Board of Education and my parents homeschooled me. My interest was Spirituality, Arts and Writing but I learned all subjects and I did well. I even took part in online classes with Alberta Distance Learning.
I was feeling better but only because my parents took care of me well and gave me the time and patience I needed to survive. I was easily tired due to my weak lungs and my parents tried to give me every nutrients I needed .They took me for a walk very often to get fresh air .They give me enough fluid intake. When my leg ( my one leg is crooked) hurts me they let me rest or carried me.They taught me how to meditate when I am in pain .They taught me to practice deep breathing techniques to improve lung function. I was given Vitamin B Complex gummies, Omega 3,, vitamin C, and zinc gummies to increase lung function . My parents did not have much money as they left their home country for me but they spent everything they could to save my life and gave me a nice childhood. I am a milk and egg allergic person and my parents need to reduce my intake of dairy and egg.I was told by my doctor also that Dairy causes my body to produce extra mucus, clogging the respiratory system.Plus I had tight chest, diarrhea and rashes from milk products .I learned to drink tea , especially mint tea which helps relieve congestion so I can breath properly. I learned to drink much water and tea since I was a child
In the year 2012 I was diagnosed with Asthma and Sinus on top of my weak lungs. I also have a hole in my left chamber of my heart. I was having often high blood and my parents mentioned that to the Doctor but no one really helped. I was then given a kind of medication which suddenly made me sick and I gained weight to 60 kgs and had several headaches and my body was bloated with water. My chest was tight. My head hurt and I was easily tired. Dr told me to stop using that medication . As soon as I stopped taking that medication I suddenly felt better and I also got back to my to my normal weight of 46-50 . After that I went to summer camp for a week and everything went fine. I had my school started again and I was also attending weekly youth meetings at the church
But a few weeks later I woke up and saw my eyes were weird and my parents took me to ICU and I was seen by a neurologist and he diagnosed me with Miller Fisher Syndrome and gave me IVIG at once. All I can remember is that I did not feel good after that. I had itching, trouble breathing, wheezing, dizziness , bad headache with nausea, vomiting, stiff neck, fever, and sensitivity to light with reduced urination ,brown or red urine, fast heart rate, yellow ,chest pain and trouble breathing .I also had fever over 100°F But one day later I was told that they misdiagnosed me and changed the treatment into Thiamine Deficiency .I was told I am a mystery child , no one understood my illness and discharged me after 7 days and Drs had a conference at the University of Calgary about my case as unravel case.
I was also ordered to be in wheel chair, walker, bath support . My mom stayed 24/7 near me as my dad some times needed to go out of town with his firm .My parents have never given up on me. 3 days after my admission at the hospital already I was encouraged by my dad to walk again and I did ( Drs never believed in me or never encouraged me to walk ) and that is why I could be discharged after 7 days.
But I kept on losing weight at home though I was eating nearly 3000 per day .I was also passing out often and my parents kept on contacting the Dr Kirton who diagnosed me wrongly and treated me wrongly in ICU . My parents called him or kept in touch thru emails with him. I was asked about the food I am eating so I took every single picture of all my food I ate and sent to Dr Kirton. I even took pictures when I went out with my friends to keep the Dr Kirton up to date with what I was doing, how I was doing and what I was eating.
He was happy with me and was not worried about my pass outs now and then.I passed out quite often but he told my parents not to worry and what to do when I pass out. I was in the wheel chair for about 3 months and then I started to walk without any support . From the first day on I came back from hospital my parents supported me to walk around at home. They supported me in the bath tub and also with more fresh vegetable than ever.They spent over 600 dollars for my food alone monthly . My parents contacted Dr Kirton and his Dietician to make sure that I was getting all I needed. Everything was ok. I was back to my youth group and also started to help out at Mustard Seed and Food Banks.The more active I became the more weight I lost. I ate , I lost . It was for me un understandable but Dr kept on saying that it was normal so I believed in him. Plus my eyes, the nystagmus got better . I still had problems to read but I could live with that. I ate until I went to bed to make sure I did not lose weight more but I kept on losing weight. But I did not feel any pains, any weakness and also Dr was not worried.
I even ate egg and cheese sometimes though I am allergic to milk and egg plus I am vegetarian who does not like eating meat or other species egg. My parents started to worry more and more and did not trust much any more what Dr was saying so they called Dr Kirton and consulted again . He still was not worried about my weight but my parents then brought me to him and while he was examining my dad noticed my low heart rate . I always had brady cardia and was monitored at home for 3 years long as a baby. My parents also knew how to handle when I stopped breathing for more than 15 seconds as they were taught how to deal with that by Doctors in Germany as I was an extreme premature baby. But this time my parents were worried as I also lost weight though I was eating. I was then admitted in the hospital at the Unit 4. There were many doctors who started to accuse me and my parents for my weight loss. There were Drs who questioned strange questions about my belief in God. Just because I am 16 does not mean I should not believe in God, right? But they treated me as if I came from Mars. They treated my parents as if they did something wrong. Suddenly the Dr Kirton who has been following up with my health since a year stepped back and said I did not have any neurological problems and he handed me to other Drs. I did not understand that because the whole year he told me that it would take some time until my neurological problems would go away.
Suddenly , mysteriously I was healed from this neurological problems.And I was handed over to some kind of Doctors who specializes Adolescents. Then there came a lady Dr who pulled up my T shirt and laughed at me and asked me if I liked the way I looked and left. I never was told who she was. She was unfair , rude and treated me without respect.I lost trust again in Drs and adults .
From the first day on I was watched when I ate.I was told to step backwards on scales . Weird questions were asked but no one really listened to the answers I or my parents gave.
My parents brought food for me first 11 days and I ate but it did not taste like home as it was not fresh when it arrived. I did not feel like eating at the hospital . 11 days later I was told I lost more weight which I did not believe but I was not allowed to see my weight chart so I took that way. All my patients rights were violated and I was also not respected as a human. Yes I lost weight but I did not do anything to lose weight so I did not understand why I was treated without any respect .Because I was a child?But then I was told I was treated with Eating Disorder Protocol. Why? I do not have that and I started to research about that ED and started to take part in tests online and I failed all tests as I have no symptoms but to tell the truth I know it also without tests. I just do not have eating disorder but I feel I have medical issues which people did not try to find out .My lungs was never CT scanned though for lungs CT scan always shows more results but my request was ignored .My first years in Germany already I was misdiagnosed often until Drs found out the real reason after doing CT scan as the air bubbles and the tissues in my lungs could not be seen by MRI or Xrays. CT scanned showed my real problem after9 years of misdiagnosis in Germany .I nearly died that time and CT saved my life. And I know it is not safe for my health due to radiation but I was extreme premature and was on ventilation long enough so it is just needed to be done after years but my request was refused.
My request to see my chart also was refused. After the 11th day I was given supplements and I got sick in the chest and in the stomach but Dr just said” no you do not have pains” How can adults accuse me as a liar when I was in pain? Then my parents found out that supplement was with milk. Sometimes nurses forgot my supplement so they forced me two at a time and I had head aches and chest pain but no one cared.
A few days later was Thanksgiving and my parents took me home with day pass and I had a fun day. When I came back a doctor said I lost weight so my parents asked for the chart which they refused.
My dad put me on the scale but nurses said he is not allowed to weigh me.But finally a doctor let us see my chart and I saw it was not the truth what they told me parents. I did not lose weight the first 11 days and also not on the Thanksgiving.
Dr said, my heart is in danger, I could die but when my leads were off and the monitor was beeping no one came, except my parents who made sure that I was breathing. Sometimes they even messed up monitors and had me on the wrong one.
One day my leads were again off for 2 hrs and no one came again and so next day my parents decided to take me home to bring me to another Dr. But my parents did not have that chance. The Alberta children hospital sent Child and Family Services and Police and tried to apprehend me under wrong name : Marcus Herrmann and with wrong accusation” Neglect by parents”
I as a son whose life was a gift of my parents can only say: that was a lie.
The only people who neglected me was Alberta Children Hospital, Dr Kirton and whole Unit 4 where I was mistreated and emotionally y abused .My belief in God was ridiculed. My culture was not respected. My Belief and my medical problems were ignored too. No one cared about my eyes which gone worse at the hospital. No one cared of about my muscles .I was just not allowed to move. They would save every energy to get my weight back which I understood but I did not understand the wrong accusation on me as I have starved whole year. I DID NOT! I would not misuse God and swear on Bible but God , my parents, friends , family workers and I know the truth.
Even when I have lost so much weight does not mean one has to treat me and my parents unfair. Even when I lost weight does not mean I have Eating Disorder. Isnt that Drs’ responsibility to find out the real reason?
If I was nearly dying how come that my monitor was often off and error was showing and no one came? If I was nearly dying how come that no one cared that I was allergic to milk and was giving me milk supplements? If I was dying then how come that people apprehended me brutally out of the arm of my parents ?
Isnt that my parents right to look for another opinion from other Doctors and get me other Doctors involved ? How come that my parents were accused of neglect and Drs not ? My parents were trying to save me from more neglects as no one was there when my leads were off and monitor was at error.
Why no one gave my parents and me a chance to defend ,Why is that people can accuse my parents and apprehend me without any proof??Afterall my family is the only safe place since I was born and I have the best parents one can wish. You can ask everyone who knows my parents.
Anyway , I was brought back to hospital and from there on I was treated without respect and kept in a dirty room . No one cleaned my urine cups .No one cleaned my room . No one changed my bed sheets.
Child Service apprehended me under wrong accusations nd kept me away from only people who have always taken good cared of me, my parents. The Drs at ACH were the ones who neglected me not my parents. I wanted to see other Drs so my parents took me out of ACH so that I could see new Doctors. Why we never got to have second or third opinions?
While I was in ACH Drs came and went. One Dr named Dr Fras always came and played with me. She was funny and played like a little kid so I played that game with her but later she wrote that I am not acting like 16 years old. How can this be? I thought she was funny so I played funny too .I felt betrayed, cheated and lost more and more trust in adults( except my parents)
Drs changed every second week and it was hard as no one really knew what they were doing. The charts were never updated so one nurse does not know what other has done. They would write my Heart rate and all on a piece of tissue paper and sometimes they even wrote on their hands. How can I trust the vitals when people wrote important stuff on tissue papers or hands. One day a Dr came in to take me for operation but then I found out he messed me up with next room patient.
All they did was fed me and watched me .And a dietician accused me of starvation again so I showed her images of my food last whole year but then she said pictures do not prove that I really ate so I started to take images of every spoon to prove them. I was treated like a X mas Turkey . They fed and fed. No one cared whether I was milk allergic or not .They fed me with tons of cheese. I had tight chest.. no one cared. I received rashes no one cared too..All they wanted was my weight
I was not allowed to have a bath alone so my mom supervised me but ACH Dr complained at the CFS that my mom was with me when I had a bath though I was 16. The Social Worker Lindsay from ACH then spoke up for me clarified that was ordered by the Drs .
After a few days I did not want to eat the hospital food so I stopped and started drinking Supplement. Again the Drs called Child service and put blame on my parents that because of them I stopped eating hospital food. Again, I defended my parents as Drs were only lieing most of the time.
Then came one therapist. She said she came to visit me and support me. I played with her and she asked some weird questions but I was lazy to answer her questions as I felt she was judging me . I did not trust her but my mom always said, I could trust her so I let her visit my room Her name was Eden. She also has a nurse, she also was not friendly and I did not feel good about them. Then one day a man came. He said he is Dr Pinzon and he left.
Then came another lady Dr whose name is Dr Hnatowich .She asked some really strange questions. I did not answer because I felt what has that to do with my weight loss. I wanted the scientific evidence and not their implications . After all I was once or twice already misdiagnosed and mistreated . I had enough of that plus I no longer trusted them as people have slandered about my family.
Child service was not there to support me. They took my family away and left me in the hands of these Drs who neglected me . No matter how much people humiliated my parents and me we stayed strong and my parents came every day
When my parents came I felt happy and lied down my head on their laps which was later said to be inappropriate and sick as I am 16 years old. I came from another culture and we are closely knitted family. What is there wrong with that. Why people always think sick stuff? Why people look through dirty mind? My parents are half german half Indian and Indian culture has a very close relation ship to kids.
I felt sad as I saw the assessment written by three ladies( Eden who barely knew me and my mom, she never saw my dad / Laura mostly lied and made up things and I barely knew her and Dr Hnatowich, I saw for 15 to 20 mins and she never saw my parents ) How can these people write 13 pages about me and my family? Just because I am not interested in bad things like September 11th does not mean I am mentally ill. No, I grew up in a family of love, compassion and understanding. I am not living in fear or negativity. I do not hold on to bad things happened. These are just dates. Things happened and life goes on so why should I spend time on negative things. I count every blessing and I do not think of judging others .Why am I judged?I was asked about Bible Verse . Believing in God has nothing to do with Bible Verses.
I believe in God does not mean I am mentally ill too.Just because I love my parents does not mean I am mentally retarded. Everywhere in ACH I read about : sing your own song but I am not allowed to sing my own song. I am not allowed to be who I am. People want to put me in a box. They judged me thru their judgmental eyes. Why? What did I do wrong? I ate , I helped, I played and I lost weight. Am I now mentally ill ? I love pink color .I love my parents and now I was told that I have gender confusion? I do not . I am a boy and I am interested in girls and not boys. I love my parents and they love me and I never tried to stay as a baby by starvation ( that was what Drs in ACH assumed of my weight loss)
Why people insult me and my family as ill? No I am not . And how can a Dr like Dr Pinzon can write a recommendation and transfer me to YAP without knowing my life and my family?
I was told that when my heart rate is ok I can go home. My heart was ok and they said no its not about heart rate.Its about weight. I was apprehended because of my heart ( that’s what Drs said) and now ?
I was told I am like 5 years old and can not stand up for myself. No! I can ! But I stopped doing that because people lied to me, twisted words what I said and did not keep their promises .I did everything the drs wanted because I wanted to be healthy too and then I was told I would not go home , instead to YAP program because I must reach 60 kgs. Why must I reach 60 kgs in a strange place ? Why no one respected my ideal and healthy weight? I know myself the best and I know when I feel healthy. I too was scared when I was so thin but still that was not my weight. If Drs would let me live my life and let me do activities they would see that I would lose weight again so they isolated me to have artificial weight .But that is not the real weight cus I usually am an active child .I do not just eat and sit on the bed.
I still want to know why I ate and lost weight when I was active. This explained me that my lungs need most of my energy . Why no one tries to look into the medical issues I have? Why I was never given a chance to see other medical drs who might have an answer and can reveal the truth and point out that I do not have ED.
When Drs treat me like this and feed me like a x mas turkey, one day I will reach 60 kgs with high blood pressure, kidney pains and lungs problems and may be even diabetes. No one cares about the food they gave me whether it will harm me or not. All they want is 60 kgs and no one has even answered why I lost weight.They just have no idea so they threw me in a program I do not belong.
I do not agree with their theories. My family is not sick .I am not mentally ill .Even the family therapist Sara in Unit 26 said that the questions I ask are not of 5 years old .How can I be like 5 years old when I was the one who said, I wanted to be at the court to defend my parents.
I have a feeling Drs did wrong to me and now they are afraid that other Drs might find out the truth so they do not let me see other drs and let me be in their hands and do not also allow me to say the truth To stop me from doing this they said, I can not think like 16 years old
I am not swearing like other teens but why should I ? I do not show middle finger. So I am not like norm kids and that is why I am mentally ill? I am who I am and I request that everyone has a life to live the way they are happy .This is a human right and I feel many of the human rights and patients rights are violated in ACH and unit 26 or does my family have no rights?
I was sent to YAP program. I was locked in there in that jail like building with heater not working, no fresh air, no walks, bath tubs in a bad shape. Rooms in very dirty status. Totally mentally ill person screaming the whole day.. The security sitting in the unit. Girls screaming , Boys kicking around. Too hostile for me and I now would like to know why I was sent there? To gain weight? With assumptions of some people who do not even know me or examined me and I have no right of second and third opinion?
I was sent to Unit 26 to find out if my parents are the reason for my weight loss?
Why do people treat me this way just because no one finds the scientific evidence about my weight loss?So they put the blame on my family. It is easy to blame the innocent. I get food here which my parents would never give me at home. For example Expired yogurts. And threatened by some Nurses who said ” u can never see your parents anymore if you do not eat all” And people say this is a safer place than home??
And Dr Ritchie who does not even know me saw me for a few minutes and wrote that I am harmful to myself and the others? I was never insulted like this before. I have never seen such accusations, lies and implications before .Ever since I was in ACH and Unit 26 I see other part of the world which is filled with judgments, hostility , brutality and unfairness . Everyone concentrates on my weight gain though I already have reached to a healthy state. Why cant I go home and eat what ever I want and whenever I want as long as I am healthy? I still have a long way to go cus I need to see other drs to figure out the real scientific evidence for my weight loss. Drs implied that I could die at home and everyone believes them tho ugh they were the ones who neglected me. My parents and I say Unit 26 is not a place for me cus it is not safe but no one cares. We do not imply things. We are saying the truth. This place is hostile and scary cus you never know what will happen next moment in this unit.
I may have lost weight for medical reasons no one wants to find out . I am a child who was a premature and I will always have medical issues. To erase that fact from my life is harmful for me.
It is my life people are jeopardizing .I understand well between health and discharge. These are two different words with two different meanings . I am healthy enough to go home and that is a place where I grew up. The first 15 years I was ok and no one awarded my parents but one year I got ill and everyone steps on my parents .why?
I know there are parents who let children starve but my parents never did. It is also not my family who is sick. It is people who see my family through sick eyes.
If someone has an accident and broke her arm, will hospital also keeps her forever at the hospital to prevent future arm breaks at home?? Then why people are making up lies and keeping me here?
The UN General Assembly adopted the Convention in 1989. The UNCRC is international law that protects the rights of children under the age of 18. Canada signed the Convention in 1990 and ratified the Convention in 1991. It has been in Canada for about 20 years. This commercial displays the four guiding principles of the Convention and some of them are
Article 3: In an action that affects a child adults should take the best interests of the child into account.
( is this my best interest when a doctor who does not even know me insult me and judge me with mental disorder and writes that I am harmful to myself and others? What about when 100 others who really know me can be my witness and stand up and say against this?, May be mustard seed, foodbank and youth leaders? Or what about Unit 26 Nurse Gwenn who said, everyone nurse wanted to be my nurse because I am so harmless and loving and polite? Isnt this contradict?)

Article 6: Every child has a right to life.
Do I have a right to life when I am wrongly diagnosed with ED and I am losing time to see other Drs or have the right diagnosis and proper diet which would not harm my life in future( by eating 6 bananas a day since 4 months or 6 cheese per day or egg salad since 4 weeks … will this not cause diabetes, high blood , tight chest, rashes, itches which I already have now..etc..)How can my life be a life when I am forced to eat unhealthy food daily and causing serious health issues? What is life when my life is just forced feeding to reach a certain weight without any activities as no one knows why I lost weight and scared that I might lose again. what life is that when I can not be with my family?

Article 12: Every child has a right to an opinion and for it to be heard and taken seriously
Yes , I met some teenagers. 16 years old can decide to have abortion and can have her own opinion against the will of parents but a child like me who says the truth and is misdiagnosed and mistreated has no rights .I am a God believer and I was ridiculed. I am a vegetarian and my belief is not respected .I was forced with milk products though I can not consume much milk or eggs. How is that fair ?? I am detained in a program called YAP at Foothills Medical Care and I do not have any mental issues so they invented one .How is that fair and why is my voice not heard and taken seriously.
I am asking who will be accountable for all these pains done to me because I know I did nothing wrong and my parents did not do anything wrong too. For some reasons I lost weight and I would say, I have medical issues and isn’t that Drs duty to find that out?
Yes its easy to cover up mistakes by stamping me as mentally disable but I do not think this will be the answer to my medical issues .The truth will come out one day anyways. And I request that my voice be heard and I can go home and have my family life again and visit other doctors who may have proper diagnosis. Plus there are many family workers and therapists who know me. There are many people from the public ( like mustard seed or food bank where I help out) know me better than Dr Pinzon who transferred me to YAP and accused me wrongly or the three ladies who wrote 13 pages without knowing me .
I do not need to lie .I do not need to imply. Because all I have written came from my heart and my heart knows the truth that I did nothing wrong and my family also did nothing to harm me.
It is the worst pain people could give me: judging my loving parents so wrong
The worst insult I have ever experienced: to judge me as mentally disorder.
One misinformed doctor’s diagnosis can be enough for a finding of abuse. This world need to provide more due process to parents before taking their children away. what can happen when there’s a premature removal and rush to judgment? That is what happened to me. The system has to change.There are many parents including mine p who had been unsuccessful in pursuing legal actions against the hospital and local social-services agency that investigated the case. Most people hear about the failure of child-protective services only when they don’t act fast enough and children die. But the opposite problem when children are removed from their homes in error—rarely makes the news, even though it happens often and I am one of them. Emotional child abuse is defined as the constant attack of a child or youth by an adult that negatively affects the child or youth’s self-worth and that is what was done to me at Alberta Children’s Hospital and at Uni 26 by some nurses as they gave me only negative messages, nothing positive.

Thank you for taking time

P/s I am detained in a very hostile and scary environment, hidden in Foothills Medical Center and I have sent this thru my family and friends. They may have some images from the neglect at the hospital
Except from Unit 26 as this place does not allow any cameras. I am appealing the whole decision and I wish adults would listen more to children