In feb of 2013 I was brought into o Brampton Civic hospital by ambulance after suffering a massive heart attack as a result of a home invasion.
I was transported by ambulance to Brampton Civic hospital there i styed in CCU for 2 weeks after having 4 stents installed m I was sent home.
I was still receiving treatment and have not been back to work since.
Than in December of 2013 I was attacked by Peel Regional Police after returning to my former residence to get some of my things.
I was beaten very bad by six young PUNK COPS as I yelled that I had had a heart attack in Feb. I was terrified that I would have another and die. I was taen to the same Hospital were I was for the heart attack but instaed of bieng treated for heart problems they said I had a seizure and was released. This was complete BS I later went tom Toronto (my old Dr. is there and I was taken to East general and treated for re-occuring heart problems.
Now my doctor thinks that the beating that I took from the Cops damaged my 4 stents and that is why I’m having heart problems. I have been to Hospital in toronto 7 times since then.
each time treated for heart conditions as a result of the beating that I took from Peel region Police. they purposely punched me in the heart erea several tims and kept yellig die Nazi die.
I may now have stent failure as a result of tthis beating. I’m fearful that I may die as a result of this.
The next time that I collapse as a result of this I’m thinking of going out in public and killing someone in broad daylight in front of dozens of witnesse.
It is very hard for me to write this as it brings back frightening flashbacks of the beating that I received.
The attack on me last december was most brutal attackon me in my whole life and I have been in some dangerous fights.