My treatment at the hospital and the frustration to the amount of time it took to have what turned out to be a life saving surgery. I was not taken seriously by the hospital, Dr lawson or Dr. Paloa and am questioning why they continually sent me home considering my condition. I was admitted to hospital for hemmoragging only to be released against my will and to come back, not by the hospitals doing but by my persistance because of my bleeding and only to be told it was too late and that i had LOST TOO MUCH BLOOD. As a result of this i almost died,suffered needlessly, resorted to wearing diapers for the bleeding and now I have been diagnosed with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder and fear Hospitals, Physicians, dentists, medical treatment and is causing havock in my personal life. I am no longer able to work and have applied for Canada disability pension.
To no avail, the hospital just appologies and tells me to put this matter behind me.
No i will not put this behind me, i am reminded every day what was done to me!