My Name is Eric RXXXiXXXs.

I visited North York General hospital on December 26th,2013.

In the future should I need to go to a hospital, I will visit an animal clinic as lease I would be treated like a human.

I arrived and checked in around 12.30am and was released around 7pm.

My complaint was that I was unable to breath properly.

My biggest mistake was to tell the truth, and that was by listing the use of an antidepressant medication.

I left that hospital ready to totally flip.

I was treated like a crazy mad man instantly.

I have lived in Canada since 1974 and I have only visited the hospital system three times incident free to this date

After my experience mainly from one disgusting apology of some person claiming to be a doctor; I will never again step foot in the hospital system unless I am dying.

I am now a new man. I am now totally on guard for abuse and disrespect from others.

I will only give resect after respect is given to me. Especially from doctors!