I arrived around 9am on the 23rd of December. The emergency department. I had a shoulder injury from tripping over an wet vac out side. there was one lady ahead of me. After I was checked in and the lady who checked me in with my ohip card was very pleasant. After that my bp and vitals were taken. I told them numerous times my wife was in bed and disabled. That she could not see and they new that. I waited one hour and went to the administration desk again and there was a younger lady who was very ignorant and said GO OVER THERE witch I did and again explained my problem. I was then taken to a room and told to put a gown on. I then walked to the x-ray department and was told I had to see a doctor 1st. She said sorry. Then knowing my wife would need taking care of I went to the admiration office again with my gown as I had to leave to attend to my wife. She yelled . at me go over there. She was talking to a security man I believe and I interrupted her. What a waste of tax payers money to have some one like her working there and also there is I sign that says most injured first. I am in pain and will go to my doctors on the 27th. He will see right away as I have an injury. After my x-ray and find out the damage I will seek council and sue for negligence and suffering that Haggersville hospital has caused me! I have contacted ohip so that I will not be billed for no service. I am going to contact my government mpp also and I the government about this unjust and cruel treatment and never ever go to Haggersville hospital again! Joseph A Falcioni.