I was recently discharged from Sick Kids because I turned 19 and I literally `started from the bottom and I`m still here.` My doctors name was Doctor Elena Pope for the Dermatology Clinic and I have been a patient at the hospital ever since I was born. After I left reality struck me that.. I only got worse and never ever really got better. Also simple things that really benefited my skin, I found out through trial and error- not the doctor, she would just prescribe me a bunch of topical creams that would irritate my skin and thats it.

They may pretend like they care, but dont let them fool you. Worst doctors ever. Informed me of medical coverage at like age 12 or 13, Literally every visit, she would say I `looked` better and would just re-book an appt for me in a couple months and I would come back and she would say the same damn thing, every appointment! I swear I was basically my own doctor and helped myself more than the doctors did!

I trusted that the doctors knew what they were doing but clearly not.I needed help with my skin and all they did was prescribe me stronger more dangerous pills when I actually got better once I stopped taking them.

overall the dermatology doctors suck- in my experience