On Saturday November 23 2013 while I was at church with my wife. I started to have a sharp pain on the lower right side of my back. Now having experienced kidney stones before I assumed that’s what this was. I was rushed to the Newmarket Emergency about 12:30pm we arrived and I was admitted to fast track quite quickly. But once in the fast track emergency ward I was left screaming in pain for what my wife says was about two hours what seamed more like 3 or 4 hours to me. Finely after several pleads from my wife, the nurse came and gave me some morphine at what I think was around 2:30pm.

At about 5pm, and after my second bag of morphine I was finely seen by the doctor who told me that I would need CT scan. Then waiting several more hours and what would now be my third dose of morphine, when I asked about the CT scan the nurse told me I needed to be reassessed, whatever that meant? Then at about 6:30pm the doctor finely came and to my horror told me I would have to have the nurse make an appointment to come back tomorrow because it was Saturday and the CT scan was closed for the night, 8:30am was the appointment they gave me.

My first thought was what kind of emergency hospital would shut down the CT scan at night. Now I’m not a doctor but I would think that the CT scan would be a vital part of an emergency clinic and should be available 24 hours a day? So now I was sent home with a superscription for some kind of pain killer that I wasn’t able to get because my pharmacy was closed by then and they wouldn’t even give me some samples to get through the night. So then I was sent home for the night in pain without a proper diagnosis or even really knowing what was wrong with me.

Now I’m not blaming the Doctor or the nurses for that matter as I’m sure they were do the best they could with what they had. But something else I cant get over is how dirty the place was and in the 7 or 8 hours I was there I didn’t see one cleaning person. I can only imagine how much bacteria was roaming around that place. On top of this they didn’t even have proper beds. They had me and all the other people there included, sitting in office chairs. I wasn’t there for a job interview, I was there to get help which I don’t feel I got due to the circumstances. I believe the blame lye’s solely on the Hospital and I plan on making a formal complaint to my MP!


The worst night of my life and wondering why I even pay my Taxes.