You know what angers me, these damn hospitals think they’re smart, to post a complaint they’re like click here and it will send you to the place, ( go figure link doesn’t work..did i give up?) nope. I found where i go in the hospital floor/room and all, I got treated awful and so did my family the day of surgery, and we have people who go to the hospitals that damn crowd the hospital because of people that go could wait for family doctor the next day or even the day of, like stop locking up our hospitals, ITS EMERGENCY!! NEVER AGAIN WILL I HAVE SURGERY DONE AT BRAMPTON CIVIC HOSPITAL AGAIN, i took pictures of the work the hospital nurse did and Damn let me tell you is awful it looks like my son got to me when i took band-aid off i was in tears( DAMN THEM)…It was unfair how i got treated and that was my first surgery and i have never felt so awful and how i was treated, and also the day of being released i asked the nurse if she was taking me down stairs because they don’t want me alone… and i was on morphine never taken it before ” she said no YOUR DRIVER will be down stairs ( take elevator to 1st floor and go out emerg) lets me get this right, Instructions were don’t drive, don’t go home alone, first off how the hell did they know i was telling the damn truth like i felt i was treated very poorly and i got the kick of both feet. now i have this ugly looking shit on my body and i never want this to happen to anyone else. god they pissed me off to the MAX!! WE need to stand up and not let this shit happen, our voice should matter!!