Last evening I received a phone call informing me that one of my employees was at the emergency, as a concerned employer I went to the hospital to check on my employee and see if I could assist her in any way. I approached the receptionist and inquired if my employee was there, I was questioned by the receptionist ( Tina ) what ( WHO ARE YOU ) my relationship was with the employee. As I explained the situation, again asking the receptionist to check to see if my employee was there, she informed me my employee was not. At that point I felt that the receptionist was been racist to my skin color, me being brown, and not white. I again asked her to please check with the emergency nurses to see if my employee was in the observation unit, she ( receptionist) seemed annoyed with me. She replied no she is not here.. Discouraged I left the hospital, and went to the employees house to pick up her room-mate and take him with me. We did go back to the hospital, him being white he approached the receptionist and inquired about his roommate my employee, and unbelievable she was able to locate her in the oberservation unit. We where then instructed to follow the green markings on the floor.

I understand the emergency department at our hospital to crowded and over worked. My only concern last night was located my employee, and being treated with the same respect that a white person is treated with. I pay my taxes, I own 2 business in Hawkesbury, and also live in Hawkesbury. I support my community that my family and I reside in, my only request is to be treated like everyone else. The fact that I had to go get a white person that got immediate response from the receptionist is very discouraging.

Thank you.