My old aged mother is in the emergency because she is not passing stool and urine and was gathering inside of her body and now they are having to clean her bowls. She is in alot of pain. Before she was kept in the orange zone and then later moved into the purple zone, and my mother had passed urine in the bed and the whole mat was filled. I told the nurse named Shahnaz in the purple zone to clean it up and she told me to do it. She is old aged and in pain and it is her responsibility to clean after her and was not cleaning because she needed someone. Its her responsibility to clean after her and get someone else to help her and in stead she is telling me too where as I have to clue how to clean her and what to do. What type of care is this? If you dont like what your doing then quit your job !!! there is no need to be here. If you cant do what your supposed to do then why are you here?