I went with my 85 yr. old mother to emerg. yesterday because she had alot of pain in her left side from her hip down and alot of rectal pain as well. The nurses were very impatient and just wanted us out of there as soon as possible so it seemed. We sat around for 4 hrs. before seeing the doctor after taking blood and doing an ECG. The doc came in and said nothing about her blood tests or anything and said that she was already on painkillers and there was nothing else they could do. Dogs get better treatment then my mother did. No other tests were done and they sent her home in excruciating pain with nothing to take for the pain. They gave me a paper to give to her family doctor which I did and it showed on her bloodtests that she had an infection. No antibiotic or anything was even mentioned at the emerg. about that! Whats the point of taking blood if no one even looks at it!! My mother is 85 and is in alot of pain still thanx too all of the people who did nothing for her!! Like I said dogs are treated better! I was very disappointed with this i live in Brampton and went there because I have heard alot of negative things about the Brampton Hospital.Well I guess they are all the same no one cares for anyone anymore the hell with people suffering. If you dont like your job then quit!!!!