My daughter is now 8 months old. She was screened positive for Congenital Hypothydroism at birth. Fortunately, we found out immediately after her birth and treatment begun right away. At around 2 1/2 months, we were contacted by Sick Kids New Born Screening regarding another matter to do with a possible Metabolic disorder. We attended the necessary appointments and were told that our daughter’s results would take a couple of months. We contacted our nurse Linsday Lockyer to follow up at around 2 months and was told to follow up at a later time for the results had not been sent. We followed up regularly until Miss Lindsay decided not to return our calls and dismiss our matter. We attended the hospital last week in person for she is now 8 months and 6 months have passed. Although we hopeful that nothing is the matter with her, the conduct our nurse have been lacking severe professionalism. I do not expect to be the center of all patients but as any family would agree, a child’s health is pertinent and if there is anything that may be preventable, then parents want to know ASAP. I had sent numerous emails that were left unanswered, phone calls that were never returned and when we showed up on her day off, she called us back a week later, only after I left a message. I will be filing a formal complaint, but first, I would like my daughters results.


A very concerned Mother