Had surgery on July 12, 2013 with an overnight stay. The next day, I was doing well and was waiting eagerly for discharge. All my nurses were aware that I was going to be discharged that day. Finally my surgeon arrives around 6:30 pm and agrees the discharge. The next half hour was such chaos that I ended up leaving with no discharge instruction on my incision or supplies and most importantly a follow up apt was not registered in outpatients. So I showed up at the hospital a week later only to find that I did not have an appointment. They had to squeeze me in because I had to get my staples out but caused a backlog for others. Not to mention I nearly passed out because of the long wait, heat and being shuffled from one place to another with no explanation.

Before my appointment a week later I tried calling many, many times and never getting through to the right department to confirm the appointment. I should not have had to make so many efforts to ensure that others have done their job properly. My sole responsibility should have only been recovery.