On August 6 th 2013 I had my MRI appointment at The North york General hospital at 10:40pm. I must say the encounter with the female Receptionist (WHO REFUSED TO GIVE ME HER NAME) was anything but caring taking the care out of “health care.” So fr this complaint I have no choice but to refer to her as the “LARGE BLACK FEMALE.”

Lets start with my arriving at the reception desk at 10:30. I see the lady in question staring at a computer screen. I come to the counter smile and say “HI.” The most rudest thing ever was her response which was none! No smile and not even a HI back! Her eyes were half shut and looked like she just woke up. I tell her ” I’m your 10:40.” The look in her eyes was as if I had just spoken a foreign language. She asked me what I meant I said I have an appointment at 10:40. She then finally understood, wow thank you god!

She asked for my Health Card and started entering information. She asked me 2 questions, what’s the referring doctors name and what’s the family doctor’s name. She entered the information into the computer and asked me to take a seat. After doing so she began mumbling what I had said “I’m you 10:40” “I’m your 10:40.” I was convinced y foreign language had gotten to her as I was quite certain she was mocking me. I truly believe this lady has some issue mentally and to have her in a customer service position is probably the wore thing the hospital can do. If anyone out there has had similar experiences with this receptionist please reach out to me and we can do something about it.